We utilize a network of service providers for the procurement of goods and services. We executed service level agreements with screened vendors before on-boarding them on our company’s database. This form of vendor management makes sure that only reliable vendors are trusted with maintenance work at our assignments. In addition to competitive pricing, we also challenge our service providers to identify alternative materials and supplies, as well as, improve their processes in order to increase operating efficiencies and reduce expenses. We form strategic alliances with our vendors by making them an integral part of the management team. In order to do this, the vendor must support and exemplify our service response philosophy.

Our company’s procurement process ensures that the appropriate quantity and quality of equipment, material, supplies, or services are acquired at the best price and from the most appropriate source. The Company’s integrated procurement provides information across many of its functions and departments this includes information on on-going transactions, order revisions, data, supplier profiles, accounts payable status, special order processing, and shipment tracking. We also enjoy a direct link with our international partners for sourcing foreign needs.